Transforming A Bar – From Good To Great

A bar needs to improve and change itself, and transform from good to great. The site and the ambiance are important, but the behavior and skill of the bartenders also   gin hong kong  play a key role in making the business admirable. Other necessary things like having a safe atmosphere, providing good-quality drinks, installing liquor inventory software in the bar are also equally important to take the business one-step higher.

The customer should feel safe and relaxed in the bar. The music should become the soul of the place. It should create a lively and peppy mood. It is important to have a good DJ who is fast and efficient in catering to the various needs of the customers. Make sure that there is proper lighting as it plays a significant role in setting up a cozy atmosphere. The bar should also have efficient bouncers to make sure that there are no troublemakers hindering the joyful mood.

Bartenders are the backbone of a bar. They are instrumental in either making or breaking the bar’s reputation. Customers often ask the bartenders to give them suggestions about the drinks. Therefore, the bartenders should have thorough knowledge about the tastes and the ingredients of all the drinks. They should also keep a smiling face, and an approachable attitude to make the customer happy. Moreover, they should act fast and have a quick wit during the rush hours.

The liquor inventory software helps to keep track of the amount and measure of liquor in a bar. This software helps in maintaining the balance between too little or too much inventory. It reduces the spoilage and cuts down the unnecessary wastage. It helps to keep track of the sale of the products and the inventory levels. This software will make the bar more cost-effective, organized, and efficient

Small and powerful, wireless pourers are compact rechargeable electronic devices mounted on sprit bottles.They can be calibrated to pour pour nip – 30ml, or 1/2 nip – 15 ml from the bottle. Each time a drink is poured a signal is sent to the POS system. Real time reports show total pours

, individual pour prices plus corresponding stock level reductions. Each pourer has an inbuilt long life battery. Various easy to read reports (by bar) are available in real time comparing stock dispensed with stock paid for. These reports are also graphed on a progressive hourly basis. Data is sent via a standard radio frequency making them ideal for larger clubs, hotels and bars.

Usually placed on wall mounted spirits they pour drinks directly into the glass when an inbuilt switch is activities. A LED display with counter keeps track of the pours. When hardwired to the POS every poured drink can be tracked back to the system.

Connected to the cellar lines, flow meters monitor in real time bulk beverage usage. A non-invasive method of measuring Draft Beer, Post-Mix, Bulk Wine and Spirits from dispensers. During line cleaning, they can usually be set to not record the cleaning fluid, via a security key. Again a compact design, the control box can usually fit up to 500+ measuring points in one enclosure.

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