Things You Need to Know About Gold Farming in World of Warcraft

The word farming when used in MMORPG means killing a lot of monster in a particular map to get items. In World of Warcraft, farming is very essential. Professions need materials for crafting certain items. Materials that are needed to make one item vary in number. There are items that require a large amount of materials, which makes them harder to make. There are player who make farming their favorite hobby. They collect things from monster and create an item out of it. There items that he can’t use so he sells them to other player for decent amount of gold.

There are players who specialize in farming. This is a way to make gold. These players spends a lot f time playing for the purpose of collecting items that they will put in the auction house for sale. This is a great gold-making activity.

To make sure that gold farming becomes effective, the player should know the exact location of the monster. Of course he should know if the monster drops the item he needs. Items sell differently from each other. Their price depends on the availability. Rare items are much more expensive than more common ones. A farmer needs to know the location of monsters that drop rare items and materials. This will ensure more gold at less time. Rare items don’t only sell for a high price, they also sell fast.

Gold farming demands patience. Some monsters may not drop the item you need very often. There are specified drop rates for every item depending on the monster that drops it. The player should know the drop rate of monsters so he will know which monster to hunt down first. There are guides about monster drop rates that may help a lot for players specializing in farming.

Another important thing to know is the respawn rate of monsters that drops the item. Rare items are most often dropped by monsters with longer respawn point. Those monsters are usually coveted for the rare items they drop. The player should anticipate that there are other players who might also hunt the monster.

Gold farming is both fun and exhausting. The player Buy wow gold  who wants to specialize in farming should be dedicated enough in doing the same thing over and over for a long period of time. In order to get the best result in farming, the player should focus on one monster at a time. Gather enough amount of the item you need before moving on to look for the next monster that drops another item that you need.

There are guides about farming that list all the information about the monster including drops and respawn time. If one monster will respawn for a long time, I would be better to go to other monster then go back again if the respawn time comes. List of maps and alternative monsters can also be found in guides so it is better to have one. Gold farming can be really fun and very rewarding if enough dedication is put into it.


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