How to Spend Money for Diamonds the Sure Way

Sometimes people do funny things like being out of their mind and there comes a time that such habits are brought even in important matters. If the situation really matters, people must carefully take care of the situation like in spending money for diamonds. Such kinds of objects are really important because they are so expensive. It would not really matter so much if money can be earned easily but actually it’s difficult! It’s really important to provide adequate attention in buying diamonds.

Looking for gems like diamonds without the right knowledge is like jumping in an ocean filled with sharks. In that case, the person will most probably die by getting eaten by sharks and it’s comparable to the gem market. Sharks may be seen together with people waiting for unwary buyers to come out and get lured. As a diamond buyer, one must do his due diligence to equip himself with enough information about the gems and the market.

If one has the important information, he will surely be able to get the best diamond quality for the value of his money. After all, the right knowledge can greatly help a person in making a sound decision especially in purchasing expensive and exquisite possessions like diamonds. Those objects are really not ordinary because only the wealthy have lots of them. Most probably diamonds have many characteristics that made them so expensive and valuable.

Diamonds have the highest price among the precious stones because of their uniqueness and appearance. They shine well and the most expensive form has almost transparent and smooth texture. Nobody would even think that diamonds are made of carbon! Come to think of it, objects that are made of carbon usually decompose while diamonds do not. How is that possible?

To answer the question, it would be great to look into the chemistry behind decomposition and the material behind diamonds. Decomposition occurs when a material breaks down chemically to form to separate matter with different compositions. In particular, the parent material must be more complex than the products.

Usually decomposition occurs with moisture or with heat as they can hasten the chemical process. The former quickly decomposes because of the organisms who do the process in the presence of water (organisms need water to perform biological processes) while the latter excited the molecules and atoms in the matter that make them active to participate in a decomposition reaction by breaking their chemical bonds.

Normally, anion is the determinant in the decomposition when it commenced. Anion would really dictate the identity of the resulting compounds. Then, some compounds with two elements (components) readily separate when exposed to heat. Such kind of decomposition is known as the redox reaction or oxidation reduction reaction. That kind of reaction occurs in oxides with gold, mercury and other noble metals.

Those reactions are not applicable to diamonds despite of their structure containing a lot of carbon. The good thing about the carbon in diamonds is the placement and the complexities of the bonds. They are well-arranged that make them strong enough to endure high level of temperature and pressure which show how tough they are. That’s the reason behind the life of diamonds.

Despite of their counterpart which is graphite, diamonds are so tough and durable. On the other hand, graphite readily decomposes upon the application of heat through combustion. The result would lead to the formation of carbon dioxide.

The long-lasting life of diamonds makes them so expensive and valuable. In addition, they are also beautiful and unique which come in various types. Some people are not aware of those types of diamonds so it’s very important for them to check out the internet or ask some gem pros regarding the types. Each type has different value and some may be more expensive than other diamond types.

Nobody would expect that blue diamonds exist. Diamonds commonly have light pink and fleshy colors to almost transparent and white. Others may even be surprised that chocolate and black diamonds really exist too like the blue ones. Each type may differ in its rarity and monetary value too.

A general rule may be used as a good guide when spending money for diamonds. In terms of color, pink diamonds become the most expensive among the types because pink is the rarest of them all. They are usually found in Australia and the cost of a carat of pink diamond without any blemishes may even reach $ 1 million. Another rare diamond is the red diamond which might be confused with ruby. Despite of the confusion that it might bring, a red diamond remains to be more expensive than a ruby.

A ruby can be seen to be different from a red diamond by checking its component. It’s made up of corundum (a kind of hard mineral made of aluminum oxide) while a red diamond is certainly made of carbon arranged in a diamond lattice. Ruby becomes red mainly because of chromium as one of its main component element. Both of the two gems are in the list of precious stones together with emerald and sapphire.

The pricing of ruby depends upon the degree of its redness. The most valuable among the types of ruby is known as the pigeon blood-red because of the degree of its redness. Its name actually came from Burma because the people there have called that kind of ruby as ko-twe or Pigeon’s blood. The appearance of the most expensive ruby is comparable to the blood that comes out of the killed pigeon’s nose. Others view that ruby as the eye of the pigeon.

The color of the ruby is well-examined by scientists in laboratories using spectrophotometers so the name pigeon blood-red only remains as the superficial color of the popular ruby. The glossy property of that ruby is comparable to the traffic light because of its characteristic color of having some black without any excess color that may ruin the redness of it.

Going back to diamonds, the color that would be the most valuable among 鑽戒品牌 diamonds is the pink one. As it was revealed awhile ago, its price goes up to a million dollars. Such rarity and beauty allow the diamond seller to place premium prices on them.

As a norm, the value of gems like diamonds is measured using the 4Cs known as the color, clarity, carat and cut. Each of them must be understood well so that a buyer won’t fall for the marketing and sales tactics of the sellers.

First, color shows the amount of hue that a diamond contains. Some diamonds have dark colors while others have light ones to almost transparent. As shown in the former paragraphs, color plays a key role in pricing because the common hues of diamonds like yellow render lower value than other colors like blue, red and pink.

Second, clarity focuses on the purity aspect of the diamond. It also shows how clear a diamond may be. It shows that a diamond may be transparent or translucent and some may even be almost opaque. Transparent means that a diamond allows light to pass through while translucent allows some of the light. On the other hand, opaque does not allow any light to pass through it.

Third, carat is all about the weight or mass unit of the gem. A diamond that weighs at about 0.20 would be equivalent to a carat. It’s a good way to measure and verify whether a diamond is genuine or not. Usually a real one weighs more than the fake ones.

Fourth, cut deals with the shape and surface of the diamond. That parameter depends on the skill of the craftsman who deals with the polishing and shaping of the diamond. The smoother the diamond is, the more expensive it gets. If the diamond is smooth and almost no edges, the light would be reflected well and the price goes up.

Understanding the 4 Cs would really save a buyer from sharks and bad decisions. After all, money is really hard to earn so one must really be allotting his money in the right deal. There is no room for spending cash unwittingly or else the future might become doomed.

Other information may also help in addition to the guidelines given above. Some information really requires in-depth research and understanding of that knowledge especially the terms used in the market. Without them, one’s financial status may be jeopardized.


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