How To Sell Your Invention – One Idea Can Make $1,000,000 – Product Review

Wouldn’t it be cool to get a great idea and have the help of a mentor who could show you how to sell your invention?

We all, at one time or another, have had a stroke of genius and come up with a really great idea. The problem is that the majority of us never act on it. Why? Because it seems overwhelming. I mean, how do you get help with inventions? Where do you even start to learn how to market an invention or figure out how to finance your invention? Much less how to sell inventions.

Well I have good news. I just reviewed a recently released product by an expert at bringing “As Seen On TV” products to market.

Michael Walshe, creator of the Ginsu Knife and scores of other “As Seen On TV” mega products has recently released a 4 volume set entitled One Idea Can Make $1,000,000.

Chocked full of closely guarded systems and secrets he has developed, acquired and implemented in his over 45 years in Direct Response TV. Not only does he share a wealth of knowledge but he is offering to personally evaluate your idea or product. In his books he shares his experience in how to; develop and market your product or idea, how to match it with bonus products and how to organize and present them in an effective TV commercial.

Maybe you don’t currently have an idea but want to learn how to spot one. Mr. Walshe explains how to start a business with just one simple idea, and he reveals his secrets on how to market an invention, sell inventions and how to finance your invention.

Don’t Stop There

Do your research and consider all points of view

With a little effort you will find, online and in bookstores, a ton of resources on the subjects of developing, refining, marketing and selling your ideas or inventions. Many of these resources are available from proven and successful entrepreneurs and inventors. Taking your idea from the point of conception to the public market is a complicated process and so don’t limit your research to only one source. Considering the background, the experience, the products and the methods of other successful inventors and marketers will prove helpful in determining the appropriate path for you.

Position Yourself To Act

Arm yourself with knowledge of industry standards, procedures and valuable contacts

Have you ever had a great idea but took no action and a couple of months later watched your idea in a TV infomercial? Taking the steps now to educate yourself, learn the various stages and processes and establishing those valuable contacts, could mean the difference between your next great idea being in Your infomercial or in someone else’s.

Seek A Mentor idea for invention  

Limit the loss of time and costly mistakes of a novice

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance. Most people who have attained some level of success are more than happy to impart their knowledge to others who share their passion and who they deem to be committed and trustworthy.

As in the case of Michael Walshe, an expert with 45 years of experience developing “As Seen On TV” products. Mr. Walshe is offering to personally evaluate your product or idea and assist you with methods and strategies to develop and market your product.

Keep Growing

Subscribe to periodicals, inventor group newsletters and attend industry trade shows

We live in a time when things move fast. Technology guarantees it. idea for invention

Your biggest asset is the flow of those creative juices so keep abreast of the latest trends and stay informed as to what others are doing.

Continue filling your library with the knowledge, procedures and techniques of others in your field and don’t discount the wisdom, skill and innovation of those who have come after you. Ask any parent with a 5 year old iPad wizard.

So if you have a great idea or product invention then you might want to add One Idea Can Make $1,000,000 to your library. Just one of many great resources to help you get your foot in the door and learn how to; develop a concept, refine it, finance it and organize an advertising campaign for TV or other forms of mass market.

Ok… Get busy. We’re all waiting to see your infomercial.



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