Fun Casino Company – Gambling Without Guilt!

A casino has its own glamour and attraction. Several events and ceremonies such as weddings, corporate functions, charity events, birthdays, student balls, etc, include its theme into scheme of things for guest entertainment. A Fun Casino Company organizes such parties. Hiring these companies to set up a theme, within the event or ceremony, is in vogue in party circuits.

Fun casinos mean you cannot play with or win real money, as that would be illegal without a license. These games are usually played with ‘fun’ or fake money to buy chips. In case of a charity event, real money is used to buy the chips and this goes in as donation.

Hence, the biggest benefit of this theme party is that you can indulge your gambling instincts without burning a hole in your pocket. You experience all the thrill and excitement of a real casino but without real money changing hands, and consequently, take part in guilt-free indulgence. These companies, like a real casino, organize interesting games. Professional dealers and full-size tables complete the picture.

Popular casino games offered by a quality Fun Casino Company are:

Roulette (French for ‘small wheel’) – This 18th century game is played with bets. The pockets of the roulette wheel are numbered 1 to 36 and generally, two types of bets are placed: the Inside bet and the Outside bet.

The Inside bet is made on a pocket number marked on the inner wheel, that you presume would win. You can also bet on several pockets based on their positions. Outside bets denote bets made on a group of pockets, odd or even numbers, or pocket color (red or black) marked on the outer wheel. Your chances of winning increase if you bet on more numbers. 카지노사이트

Blackjack – Blackjack is another popular game inherited from 17th century France. Blackjack is played with cards. Cards with numbers from two to nine are Spot cards while the Jack, Queen and King denote the number 10. An Ace is either 1 or 11 depending on how the player aims to obtain cards with combined value of 21, or close to 21, to exceed the dealer’s total card value.

You can go ‘bust’, i.e. lose if your card value exceeds 21. If there is no ‘busting’, the hand holding the most valued cards wins the game. A new hand is played when there is a tie.

Slots – This game requires no knowledge of gambling and is a game of luck. Slots are extremely addictive and very popular among first-time casino goers and novices, and it attracts the maximum number of players willing to test their luck. Slots bets can range from small sums to large amounts.



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